Shenzhen Icegreg Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD is a new commercial refrigeration equipment company, founded in 2014, is located in the Pearl River Delta economic powerhouse - Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Companies rely on the wealth of manufacturing and marketing experience, a collection of the many advantages of resources, combined with refrigeration equipment and Internet thinking, innovation, and never stop, to build a leading refrigeration equipment integration platform, to provide you with effective solutions. Icegreg has a strong strength custom refrigeration equipment, the company specializing in the production of non-standard stainless steel refrigeration equipment, ice cream display cabinets, stainless steel kitchen freezer, supermarket refrigeration equipment, to provide you with advanced customized services. The company set up a professional team, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a number of brand suppliers, products rich range category, with a assembly of designers, engineers, electricity supplier personnel strength team for the star hotel, restaurants, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurant chains to provide refrigeration equipment space solutions, convenient, efficient and thoughtful, to help...
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Hot Keyword:Convenience stores display cabinets  Shenzhen refrigeration cabinet company